Lemon - Lime Enduro: October 13, 2018

Join us october 13 for the return of this awesome event!

Do you have a rusted, bent, crappy old bike just sitting in your garage or basement waiting to be ridden? Or maybe you haven’t had a chance to try out one of those flashy new Lime Bikes in town? Either way, come on out for the very first Lemon Lime Enduro by I Bike Rockford!

It’s a short, fun, family friendly lap around downtown Rockford and you can join Team Lemon or Team Lime and compete for fun prizes – of COURSE a Lemon Meringue Pie and a Key Lime Pie are among the prizes!

What: Lemon Lime Enduro Ride + Fun!
When: Saturday October 13th
Registration: 2:30-3:00pm
Ride: 3:00-5:00pm
Fun & Prizes: 5:00-5:30pm
Where: Downtown Rockford – Rocktown Adventures
Why: Because ALL bikes rule! And because you can win fun prizes!
How: Just show up with your crappy bike or rent a Lime Bike!
Admission: $10.00 (Goes towards event costs and more future Bike Awesomeness!)

To join TEAM LEMON Your bike must:

  • be valued less than a $100,

  • have RUST, a BENT RIM, or be OLDER than YOU!

  • Double points if ALL criteria is met.

To join TEAM LIME you must:

This event has lots of opportunities for volunteers! We need people to run the various games (Huffy Toss, anyone??), punch riders’ cards when they complete laps, set-up/tear-down the event, and more. Use this form to sign up!